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Learning & Fun


Our faith-based center gives your child the opportunity to connect with God and learn about their faith. During chapel time, children hear Bible stories and participate in activities to reinforce the lessons. 


Included in our all-day daycare is our custom education. With our experienced staff, your child learns how to recognize letters, numbers, count, and much much more. We are dedicated to building the foundation for our children's future education. 

Learning Stations 

All through the day, children rotate through different stations in the classroom which provide a variety of learning skills that help develop each child's growing mind and body.  


Children create their own art portfolio, to recap each year's growing skills. This provides parents a future reflection of their child's beloved artwork.


Throughout each day music and sing a-longs are encouraged. Learning songs are incorporated with our education. 


Both indoor and outdoor activities are provided each day. While weather may keep kids indoors, our facility provides open space for your child to burn some energy.

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